Believe in You

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Believe in you (1)How do you feel about yourself? Do you look in the mirror and think ‘yeah I feel good about the person whose looking back at me’? Or can you barely look in the mirror and when you do you are critical of what you see?

I wanted to carry the ‘be kind’ message from my last blog into this blog as it is an area that I come into contact with on a daily basis with the clients that I work with. How you view yourself is usually a direct reflection of the experiences that you have had with others, how you have been treated and made to feel by the people that have been closest to you.

You came into this world like a blank computer, shiny and fresh out of the box with basic programmes to help you survive; it then depended on what programmes people decided to load onto that beautiful computer that affects how it now works.

Imagine if you are told from a young age that you can accomplish anything that you want to, that you are beautiful/handsome, clever, bright, that making a mistake is ok because you are learning, you receive all the love and affection that you require and you are listened to by the people that care for you.

So what would it mean when someone called you stupid or ugly, criticised what you did and tells you that you won’t achieve, would you listen to them or see them for what they are a ‘dream stealer’? If you have been given the best start in life and shown that you are worthy then you will probably move away from those that are negative.

However what happens when you have been programmed badly at the start? It makes sense that the older you become the more knocks you take and the negative stuff gets heard and absorbed to the point that you truly believe that those who criticise you and treat you badly have got it spot on. If you were in a room of 100 people and 99 told you how great you were but 1 person said something negative where would you focus your attention, who would you believe?

How do we then de-programme ourselves? It starts quiet simply by firstly acknowledging that regardless of what others think of you (because they don’t truly know you) that you are worthy. You are worthy of being here to live the life that you want to live, to discover who you are without judgement.

Then it’s about uninstalling the programmes that no longer fit with who you are, anything that is negative in its belief of you. This is focusing on those pesky thoughts that keep you stuck and that aren’t helpful, remembering to ‘be kind’.

So the next time you have a thought that says ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘you’re not good enough, smart enough or skinny enough’ tell that thought that it no longer serves you and to ‘bog off’ because you are worthy of hearing great stuff not crap stuff.

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If you would like help bolstering your self esteem and building your self confidence then please get in touch, I offer a counselling service via Skype if distance is an issue. Let’s help you be the AWESOME person that you are even if you currently don’t realise it x