photo_40237_20150822Relationship Counselling: If you’re reading this page it’s possibly because you are dealing with a relationship that is in need of help. Perhaps you are no longer communicating effectively, or dealing with a major life issue that is impacting on your relationship? You have come to the right place.

Some reasons that people seek relationship counselling are that they have lost how to communicate, the stresses of day to day life have got in the way, petty comments now override any loving remarks and the reason why they are together appears lost.

This can happen within all types of relationships this is why my approach is not just used for working with couples.

Would you like to learn to communicate better?

Would you like a safe space to explore your relationship?

To regain a healthy relationship is to understand how and why it went wrong, dealing with any unresolved issues so that the relationship can start to rebuild from a strong foundation with effective ways of communicating and understanding each other’s needs.

I also work with couples where the decision has been made to separate, counselling allows a couple to still communicate effectively and to mutually respect each other even after the relationship has ended. I believe that this is extremely important especially if there are children within the relationship, allowing each partner to feel valued and showing their children that the family unit is still strong.

Ideally I work with you as a couple, however it is still possible to help you find better ways of communicating as an individual to have a positive impact on your relationship.

For some couples it is better to work on a one to one basis initially so that any issues can be explored prior to working as a couple.